The OpenDA association is an open association of institutes and people involved in OpenDA. It aims to facilitate OpenDA and its community and to safeguard its well-being. The association maintains the website, organizes courses and user meetings, and generally promotes OpenDA. It should also take action if the community does not function as it should. That is, for example, if the community does not manage to create timely, stable releases. Note that the association as such is in principle not supposed to decide about the OpenDA functionality because, since OpenDA is an open-source product, the community will eventually decide what is best for OpenDA. Membership of the OpenDA association is open to any person or organization that wants to take part in its activities and who has made a significant contribution to OpenDA in some form. By becoming a member of the association, you show that you have an active interest in OpenDA and are willing to serve its community. As a member, you are supposed to participate in its activities. In return, you get a vote in guaranteeing that OpenDA will stay alive and kicking and you can present yourself on the OpenDA website. If you are an active OpenDA user or developer and want to become a member of the OpenDA association, please contact OpenDA at