On February 11, three new members officially joined the annual meeting of the OpenDA association, these are TNO, the Netherlands eScience Center and DHI. TNO has been using OpenDA for their air-quality assimilation for some time now and would like to promote OpenDA for use in their other fields. The Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) partners with scientist to tackle data-driven and compute-intensive research projects. NLeSC uses OpenDA as part of the eWaterCycle Global Hydrological forecast project (a cooperation with TU Delft and Utrecht University), and would like to extend usage of OpenDA into other projects and domains. DHI is an international research institute in the water sector. They have used OpenDA with their groundwater model Mike-SHE in the Hydrocast project. With these new members the association now quickly grows to 6 members, which gives a significant impulse for widening the scope of OpenDA.