XML Schema Reference


The XML configuration input files for OpenDA follow a format specified in XML Schema Definition (XSD) files. The xsd schemas are located on schemas.openda.org and are referred to in the XML file header. A convenient way to write XML files that are valid (i.e. agree with the prescribed schema) is to use an XML editor that incorporates the schema for suggesting possible options and for validity checking.

These pages contains the following reference information for setting up valid XML input files for OpenDA:

  • The XML schemas are described in the form of diagrams that conform with the Content Model View as employed by XMLSpy, and they include extensive documentation.
  • At various locations, OpenDA classes may be included in the XML input files; the possible classnames are listed on the pages "classNames for ...".
  • Numerous examples further clarify the format of the XML input files.

    The menu on the left is organized as follows:

  • Main input file (application): the top-level OpenDA configuration file that specifies the basic components and that contains references to lower-level configuration files.
  • Stochastic observers: configuration files for a number of possible stochastic observers.
  • Stochastic model factories - Black box models: configuration files for the black box model wrapper, subdivided in three layers.
  • Stochastic model factories - Toy models: configuration files for a number of small models that are readily available in OpenDA for tutoring and for testing and validation of algorithms.
  • Algorithms: configuration files for the calibration and assimilation algorithms that are available in OpenDA.